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Course Image Language Testing (6Pagi)

Language Testing (6Pagi)

Language testing is the administration of test in order to assess and measure a person’s language competence and performance or testing language ability. It is an evaluation of an individual’s language proficiency.
the aimed of that Tests may be constructed primarily as devices to reinforce learning and to motivate the student, or primarily as a means of assessing the students’ performance in the language (Heaton, 1975).
There are four reasons for having a test:
(1) To indicate future ability
(2) To discover what is already known
(3) To discover what has been learned
(4) To discover what is still to be learned (Bell, 1981)

What to be tested; In the language testing, what to be tested includes assessing in the four major skills:
(1) listening (auditory) comprehension, in which single utterances, dialogues, talks and lectures are given to the test,
(2) speaking ability, usually in the form of an interview, a picture description, and reading aloud,
(3) reading comprehension, in which questions are set to test the student’s understanding of a written text
(4) writing ability, usually in the form of essays, letters, and reports (Heaton, 1975)

Course Image Planning Of Teaching (4Pagi)

Planning Of Teaching (4Pagi)


1. Memperhatikan perbedaan individu peserta didik.
2. Mendorong partisipasi aktif peserta didik.
3. Mengembangkan budaya membaca dan menulis.
4. Memberikan umpan balik dan tindak lanjut.
5. Mengakomodasi pada keterkaitan dan keterpaduan KD, Keterkaitan dan keterpaduan
materi pembelajaran, kegiatan pembelajaran, indikator pencapaian kompetensi, penilaian,
dan sumber belajar dalam satu keutuhan pengalaman belajar.
6. Mengakomodasi pembelajaran tematik-terpadu, keterpaduan lintas mata pelajaran,
lintas aspek belajar, dan keragaman budaya.
7. Menerapkan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi.